1 9 1 1: Ebel brand created by Eugène and Alice Blum. Origin of name Ebel: Eugène Blum Et Levy.

1 9 1 2: Launch of the first Ebel wrist watch.

1 9 1 4: Gold Medal at the Swiss national Exhibition in Bern.

1 9 1 8: Ebel supplies Lipp watches.

1 9 2 5: Ebel wins the "Grand Prix" at the Decorative Arts Exhibition in Paris.

1 9 2 9: Diploma of honour at Barcelona Exhibition. Charles Blum joins the company. Launch of the baguette movement for jewellery watches.

1 9 3 0: First Basel Fair.

1 9 3 1: Western Electric creates a new precision testing instrument.

1 9 3 2: Launch of the travel "mignonette".

1 9 3 5: Diploma of Honour of the Brussels Universal Exhibition. Ebel introduces the Western Electric precision testing system.

1 9 3 9 - 4 5: During the war, Ebel supplied many watches to the British army.

1 9 4 6: New factory built.

1 9 4 9: Ebel takes part in first Watch & Jewellery Show in Geneva.

1 9 5 2: Launch of the Videomatic.

1 9 5 4: Launch of the Châtelaine.

1 9 5 5: Launch of Piguet calibre 96, the world's thinnest movement (1.7mm thick). Great world success, especially in the United States.

1 9 5 7: Creation of the Precision Watchmaking Community with Ebel's participation. Charles Blum is one of the originators of this grouping.

1 9 6 4: First prize at Lausanne National Expo, jewellery watch section

1 9 7 0: Pierre-Alain Blum (grandson of the founder) joins the company.

1 9 7 1: Launch of the Brasilia.

1 9 7 7: Launch of the Sport Classic:In their search of perfection, The Architects of Time created a watch whose beauty flows from its simplicity. Its elegant geometry features distinctive screws punctuating the case's rounded, mellow lines, echoed by the bracelet's sinuous wave pattern. The first Ebel design to delight people on every continent has today become the signature for the Ebel Classic collection.

1 9 7 8: Creation of the concept of "The Architects of Time"
A concept, a signature, an identity. A strong advertising campaign launched in the 80's rich in symbols to be decoded in the light of a local culture and sensitivity. Timeless and subtle language of sober visuals: plaster sculpture-object united with a background in shades of grey carrying an eternal message. Staging of the product in a natural setting. This concept is the expression of a traditional watchmaking culture and timeless creativity.

1 9 8 0: Ebel was a pioneer in the use of sports sponsorship as a marketing tool

1 9 8 2: Launch of the Chronograph Ebel re-launched the self- winding chronograph worldwide 36000 vibrations per hour. Including some 300 parts and components. A perfect balance between design, excellence and technical performance. The Ebel Chronograph already ranks amongst the classic timepieces of our time.

1 9 8 3: Davis Cup sponsorship. Launch of perpetual calendar Chronograph A masterpiece. A timepiece like Ebel's Perpetual Calendar is designed and made from its inception to be a collector's item. It takes centuries-old skills and a master watchmaker's expertise to bring its complex mechanical movement to life. From split seconds to leap years, and days of the week to phases of the moon, it offers all the time in the world. 370 parts. 36'000 vibrations per hour.

1 9 8 5: Launch of the Beluga Beluga, an expression of beauty. Ebel has created the the Beluga line to touch all your senses. Launched in 18 carat gold. Also with diamond bezels and/or bracelet.

1 9 8 6: Ebel develops a cultural patronage policy 75th anniversary of the Ebel brand. International tour with Leonard Bernstein. Ebel buys the Villa Turque, built by Le Corbusier in 1916. Launch of the 1911.

1 9 8 9: Launch of the Voyager. At first glance, you can read 24 different time zones around the world, from the Azores to the Amazon. Self-winding mechanical movement, with power reserve up to 40 hours.

1 9 9 1: Sandro Arabian joins the company as a shareholder. International tour with Barbara Hendricks. Launch of the Lichine:A sophisticated timepiece Combining elegance with technical elegance. The light and strong metal bracelet extends the line of the case "in a series of flat links, each polished " and fitted by hand. The screw-pin lugs allow easy change to a choice of leather straps. Tritium dots glow on the hands at night.

1 9 9 3: Launch of the Sportwave and Sportwave diver Launch of the Lichine Tonneau.

1 9 9 4: Majority shareholding in the Ebel Group acquired by Investcorp.

1 9 9 5: Launch of Le Modulor chronograph.

1 9 9 6: Sandro Arabian, minority shareholder of the Ebel Group since 1991, becomes Chairman of the Executive Management Committee. Launch of the Shanta. The secret of Shanta is a story from the depths of time and Indian mythology. As one of the great goddesses, Shanta is the highest and purest of the nine emotions, and the dignified goddess of beauty - the ideal woman. She revealed herself as the flower of creation in the Dance of the Unseen. The grace and sensuality of Shanta has inspired a watch of extraordinary design. More than an elegant timepiece, it is a piece of fine jewellery. Launch of the Sport Classic in polished steel.

1 9 9 7: 20 years success of the Sport Classic line. Launch of the Beluga Steel.

1 9 9 8: New Ebel Classic Generation:Discovery, 1911, Voyager.

1 9 9 9: Ebel S.A. was bought by the LVMH group. Launch of the Satya.

2 0 0 0: Summer 2000 looks like being a season full of joie de vivre regained - a trend that has not escaped the attention of the major brands. In fact, all are currently devoting themselves to the full brilliance of sunshine colors.

Audaciously arrayed in its red, orange and aubergine interpretation, the Beluga Manchette appeals to us through its freshness and the incomparable simplicity of its lines. A rainbow-full of new dials in unexpected shades that dazzle all the more when surrounded by diamonds.

As we have said, the season promises a sunburst of light ... but elegance can also be low-key and understated when the Architects of Time derive the inspiration for their dials from maritime themes. Blue or silver and white, these are perfect partners for a bracelet that is unique and perfectly polished; with every link evoking the serenity of pebbles washed by the waves.

Each model is a caress - attracting silky-smooth glances that radiate warmth. Stylized, it is called upon to become a jewel of its times.

Lively and sensual - to be worn with a light heart, the Beluga Manchette?

Chronograph E Type

One year after the introduction of the E Type watch, it became clear to The Architects of Time that there was a real need for a chronograph version of this line, fitted with the impressive 137 movement that was designed by Ebel from beginning to end. The market need wait no longer!

Today, this chronograph proudly demonstrates the mechanical know-how and craftsmanship so characteristic for the brand. Its contemporary flavor nonetheless remains loyal to the founding principles of the Classic family. Harmony of line, personality reflecting both softness and character, perfectly homogeneous proportions blending into the marriage of case and bracelet.

A pure line defined by a bracelet that is far from ordinary. Its assembly demands the utmost delicacy to ensure perfect articulation as the bracelet slides onto the wrist with an elegant floating touch. And then there is the rubberized version: more lively, more sporty, which finds a natural extension in its case that is also dressed in rubber and embellished with the emblem of the brand.

Admired for its exceptional robustness, accuracy and reliability, this movement is one of the brand's most impressive creations. Its beat and the aesthetics of its overall appearance are visible through the screwed-down back that encloses a transparent sapphire glass.

Mechanical with automatic winding, this caliber, which adorns each of the E Type chronographs, is backed by a COSC certificate.

Blue, slate or silvered in the steel version, white or black glaze for the rubberized version, each dial of the E Type chronograph reflects the spirit of the brand. It opens out a unique and very special perspective; that of devising one's own watch to keep pace with one's inner development. To be, in a certain sense, The Architect of one's own Time.

More than just a simple chronometer, this is an haute horlogerie creation, synonymous with service, quality and longevity .. an Ebel watch .. elegant and laid back.

As you can see the Ebel's devotion to development has earned its title, "The Architects of Time".

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